Naran is a town situated in the Upper Kaghan Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa District of Pakistan, Mansehra Province. It is situated at a height of 8202 feet (2,500 m) 119 kilometers (74 miles) from the district of Mansehra. Naran Valley is one of Pakistan’s most scenic towns and known as the heaven in Pakistan. Every year it attracts thousands of local tourists and hikers. The River Kunhar, swelled by the melting of the ice, flows through the town. Naran can be known as the base station for landmarks. These include as Saif-ul-Malook Lake, Lalazar Babusar Valley, Noori Valley, and Purbi Valley.

Amazing Weather in Naran

Naran ‘s weather is warmer than Pakistan’s other mountain valleys. The nature lover in Pakistan wants to visit and prefer living in Naran. Naran has considerable rainfall throughout the whole year. There is still a lot of rainfall even in the driest month. Naran has an average annual temperature of 10 C. For geography and climate, it is Alpine, with trees and mountains dominating under 17,000 feet of peaks.

During the winter and frequent rainfall during the year, the area experiences heavy snowfall. Although the extremity of the weather has decreased substantially in overtime due to climate change.

While it has retained its optimistic, calm, peaceful, and beautiful profile for so long. It remains our responsibility to respect it equally by carrying on a person responsibly and being happy as a visitor to this place without polluting it.

What is so unique about Naran?

The mountains are covered with a green cape and the water breathes into the arms of these mountains. After their transformation from a disastrous glacier to a calm lake, and the rivers are stubbornly fleeing whatever path they have found and are all at home in the ethereal place called Naran.

Naran is near Mansehra District in Kaghan Valley. The place is at 2,409 meters altitude and is a beautiful part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Naran is known for its attraction, normal, which has made some of the most historical calamities. Especially after the current development of roads and travel facilities, the place is popular for tourism. Naran is remarkable not only for its sight but also because you can get to know these attractions yourself. Nature is made open to the public so that you can scale the mountain or ride the lake so high and below the sky. You are entitled to taste the essence of the world and experience the earth as you wish.

Naran: Tourism in Pakistan

Naran not only entertains people, but also the fun of looking at it. After traveling along the difficult and sometimes risky roads to the valley because of glaciers, it all pays off. The destination is not the end of these adventures as it is an adventure in itself to explore this diverse area. The hanging bridges over the lakes, the narrow mountain roads are another sight. The sight includes boats sloping on the lake and the never-melting glaciers.

Naran is also renowned for his hospitality, as daily staff in service and facilities are very hospitable and welcome visitors. They are self-invented, including the establishment of mobile refrigerators at the place. Recently Naran has become decorated with tourist bazaars, where people can purchase handicrafts and souvenirs to remember this lovely place. You can easily find donations to people returning home to make them a part of your trip.

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Naran is one of the most beautiful places where everybody wants to live and explore. River Rock Cottages Naran, located in a highly desirable area for families, commuters and young Professionals, finished to an exceptionally high standard.

River Rock Cottages Naran
River Rock Cottages Naran

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Lake Saif ul Maluk

The world-famous Lake Saiful Muluk is the key source of the world’s popular attraction. The lake is 3224 meters long. It’s unfair to say just heads because it attracts every traveler and hiker’s heart and soul, maybe everyone because we’re all just travels.

It came from the name of Persian Prince Saiful Muluk and was created 300,000 years before when melting glaciers settled in the arms of the Himalayan Mountains.

Lake Saif ul Maluk

The lake has retained its identity from then to this time as one of the most beautiful things people can do. The depth of 50 ft. is the habitat of different vascular plant species. On the Kunhar River, it continues to open.

This lake has its mythical origins with a fairy tale, as a Sufi poet claims, which you can feel too when you go on a boat ride in the lake. This will give you a levitation sensation between heaven and earth that is equivalent to the spirit rising.