Eighteen collaborating with WWF for tree plantation. Eighteen the twin cities’ top quality real estate destination, has reached a deal with WWF-Pakistan (World Wide Fund for Nature). This is for a Tree Planting Initiative which aims at elevating the green spots in the metropolitan areas of the capital and improving the region’s climate.

The contract was made at the Eighteen Head Office in Islamabad on 24 July 2020 between Tarek Hamdy CEO Eighteen and Rab Nawaz Senior Director Programs. This was on behalf of Hammad Naqi Khan CEO / Director General WWF-Pakistan.

Phase I of the planting trees project will begin on 30 July 2020 and will end with a celebration on 14 August 2020. Nonetheless, the agreement will suppose to expand until 2023, and Eighteen will finance new planting projects. These projects will include planting thousands of trees in the city in cooperation with WWF-Pakistan. Pakistan’s largest environmental organization.

The three-year project seeks to add green benefits to the capital city. It involves reducing emissions, raising the water level. And promoting ecosystems’ air quality, as well as controlling micro-climates.

Tarek Hamdy, Eighteen CEO, said of the project, “This plantation is Eighteen ‘s attempt to participate in ecologically friendly projects that help conserve nature. As socially responsible citizens, we assume the duty of ensuring and uplifting the beautiful capital’s climate. And with this long-term alliance with WWF-Pakistan, we strive to do just that.

WWF-Pakistan Director-General Hammad Naqi Khan said trees are vital for city environments. Because they balance climate control the water cycle. And provide shelters for a range of bird and insect species. He believed that Pakistan is losing its forest cover due to many factors. Hence collective efforts is needed to plant more trees for Clean and Green Pakistan Vision.

Eighteen Islamabad – ISK Properties

ISK Properties is an authorized dealer for Eighteen Islamabad. This is a beauty in the making, and it is a modern housing society. Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders & Developers have brought this project into Islamabad. This revolutionary initiative aims to highlight Pakistan’s new international living standards.

The community will have world-class facilities, modern technology, and a luxurious lifestyle. The project is for people enthusiastic in exploring the high-end way of living. The housing scheme consists of as a mix of villas and apartments. The plan of Eighteen is to become special and outstanding masterpieces of architecture.

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