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Capital Smart City


Capital Smart City is the very first smart city in Pakistan. In the meantime, it is the world’s 23rd Smart City. The groundbreaking project has drawn investors from across the globe. It has become the most enticing production of immovable property in Islamabad in recent years.

Moreover, in both national and foreign markets, Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of the best choices for investors. The legal structure, development means & productive market prospects definitely make it a center of attraction for investors of all kinds.

In addition, you can find below the full description of the Project, Payment Schedule, No Objection Certification (NOC) Information, Release Date & Latest Development Updates.

Builders & Owner of CSCI

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a strong partnership scheme between Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited & Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited, . HRL, a well-known name in Pakistan’s real estate industry, they are Bahria Town builders, DHA in Islamabad & many other ventures.

In addition, by the name of Royal Orchard Sargodha, Royal Orchard Multan & Royal Orchard Sahiwal, they have also run successful residential societies in Sargodha, Multan & Sahiwal.

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About Habib Rafiqe (Pvt.) Ltd

HRL is recognized as a trend-setter in the housing & infrastructure arena for the last 10 years. HRL has taken on a top position in Pakistan’s ever-expanding real-estate growth. Meanwhile, the first time HRL has provided important engineering participation when it comes to housing and infrastructure development.

Today, because of its hard-earned credibility and faith HRL stands tall and apart from others. In addition, it has a high value of human resources and electro-mechanical assets which give HRL a distinct edge over its market competitors.

Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. has a rich history of 60 years in the manufacturing and infrastructural environment. It is Pakistan’s largest developer of infrastructure. One of Pakistan’s leading construction firms, as well. HRL is the developer of numerous of Pakistan’s finest construction projects.

About Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd

In fact, Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is known as FDHL. Its a group of companies listed under the Companies Ordinance 1984. In other words, for the launch of the new worlds leading organization, many national & foreign companies joined hands. Pakistan based real estate developer & asset management firm.

The FDHL also believes in the development of integrated societies. Thus, these societies will lead with powerful economic & professional dedication to international sustainability standards.

In addition, strategic investments, creative urban planning & even life-cycle asset management will develop these communities. FDHL aims to also launch another smart city in Lahore. It will also be the same technology-driven infrastructure as that implemented at Islamabad.

Payment Plan





Capital Smart City’s Master Plan Islamabad is based on a model township. Capital Smart City offers reasonable residing options. It provides a wide variety of density-based housing options. This covers:


  • 5 Marla – High Density
  • 10 Marlas to 2 Kanal – Medium Density
  • 4 to 8 Kanals – Farm Houses
Capital Smart City Master Plan

Districts and Sub-districts

The entire map is divided into services that are grouped into districts and sub-districts. They are well differentiated. Equally, it provides every district with accessible public facilities. District names that are included in the Capital Smart City Master Plan are described below:


  • General Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Panda Village
  • Aviation Village
  • Education District
  • Healthcare District
  • Lake-view Terrace
  • Hills Vista
  • Education City
  • Financial Square
  • Holiday Parks
Capital Smart City Map

Development Partner & Designer

Art consultants are key players and are responsible for every project’s front face. The most advanced housing scheme in Capital Smart City is. It is a benchmark for national urban growth. For phenomenal success, the developers employed high-end designer consultants. CSC hired a versatile design consultancy team which guarantees a comprehensive range of solutions in various sectors. Both of these foreign companies are own-company owners. We are delivering a vast array of effective and productive projects from the past several years. They have also delivered world-class projects and initiatives, becoming a specialist in urban design and management.

Below are descriptions of esteemed architecture consultants involved in the execution of classy CSC ventures.

Surbana Jurong (Pvt.) Ltd

Surbana Jurong (SJ) is a Capital Smart City master planner. It is one of Asia’s leading consultancy firms for commercial, manufacturing, and infrastructure. SJ is a government-owned consulting company based in Singapore. It was founded in June 2015. It came into being after the merger of Surbana International Consultants and Jurong International Holdings.

Also, SJ is providing one-stop consulting solutions in the field of urban, manufacturing, and infrastructure by adding value through technology and innovation. It is Asia’s largest company with more than 50 years of glorious experience in delivering productive business. SJ has roughly Human Resource. 14,500 employees in more than 130 branches worldwide.

This integrates a holistic variety of facilities to deliver attractive business prospects for the Master Plan community. Besides, living and leisure options, there are also keenly increasing economic opportunities in the developing Islamabad area.

Harradine Golf

Harradine Golf is one of the world’s leading, esteemed brands in the design, planning, and management of Gold Courses. It was founded in 1929. Harradine Golf is dubbed King of Golf because of its absolute expertise. Over 200 outstanding projects have been delivered primarily in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Despite its 91 rich experience, staging annual PGA tournaments has earned many global honors.

Such golf courses are built on various terrains and are planned. Harradine Golf insists that, rather than dangerous stresses, golf must be a fun game. Also, it also seeks to maintain the national and local nature of its project.

Harradine Golf plans 18-hole PGA Signature Golf Course in CSCI.

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

Movenpick Hotels & Resort is a multinational operating company. It is a forward-looking and luxurious hospitality company. Indeed, it’s popular for chained luxury hotels. It happened to be in 1940. It has consistent services, with Swiss heritage of heritage and hospitality.

You can feel at home at MovnenPick despite being miles away from your warm place. Every unit is lined with state-of-the-art and advanced facilities that encourage you in every possible way. Currently, it operates across the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Indeed it provides an oriental way of life. The sustainability is about satisfying the existing needs for Movenpick Hotels & Resorts.

It will offer 250 hotel rooms and 150 serviced apartments with 4 dining halls in this Town. This luxurious hotel also offers meetings or community hall rooms, as well as a wellness center and two swimming pools.

Freij Entertainment International

Freij Entertainment has worked globally since 1987. It is a specialist in planning mega carnivals, outdoor festivals, swings, circus, and many other leisure activities. Freij Entertainment also organized the Dubai Shopping Festival.

For almost every big country in the world, like Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Dubai, Oman, Salalah, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, it has a tradition of operating. It also hosted magnificent shows in Europe and also in America. In addition, it also provides over 50 rides and 60 skill games, plus competition games in a series.

Trivelles Smart Homes

Trivelles Smart Villas is a leading real estate development company in the UK. It has also received esteemed worldwide recognition. Trivelles Smart Villas is a specialist in offering accommodation for students, buy-to-let homes, hotels, and homes for sale. The Trivelles Smart Villas has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market. This has a net worth more than £100 m.

Data on the native marketplace, trustworthy workforce, and experience in the respective field allow Trivelles Smart Villas to deliver customer service.

Trivelles Smart Villas is for the first time in Pakistan’s history offering smart homes in Capital Smart City. Such homes are based on a creative idea of homes where people can aspire to stay and benefit from new technology and the convenience it provides.

National Defence University

National Defence University is a prestigious Pakistani educational institution. The University of National Defence also known as NDU. Originally, in 1970, National Defence College was formed to meet the need for an exclusive Course of War in the Army. This course was eventually changed as an “Armed Forces War Course.”

It is affiliated to the Federal University of Islamabad (now Quaid-i – Azam University). That was on the instruction of then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to grant MSc in War Studies degree for the course attendees. In short, in 2009, NDU was accredited as a university. The course of war and security combined to form the Course of National Security and Peace.

The Chancellor of the National Defense University is President of Pakistan. However, the three Star General of Pakistan Army administered the University. The college split into 2 different faculties namely National Security College and War College of the Armed Forces.

Features of CSCI

Capital Smart City Islamabad is also known as Smart City, because of its excellent Smart Features provision. The Project Features exchanged underneath:


  • Smart Buildings
  • Security
  • Smart Resource Management
  • Transportation
  • Smart Facilities
  • Smart Connectivity

In addition, stories of Capital Smart City Islamabad and DHA Merger have long engulfed the area. But there is no such formal announcement released.


Capital Smart City
Capital Smart City
Capital Smart City
Capital Smart City

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